by Adobe Homes

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This album reflects the breaking of insecurities as was as ideas and memories that seem to have no plan on leaving and have stuck with us for many years.


released December 1, 2012

Adobe Homes during this record was:
Myles Patches Bailey
David johnny Maron
Anthony Joseph Martinez
Christopher Joaquin Romero

Released in collaboration by Bear Records, Dog Knights Productions, Friendly Otter Records, and Bookhouse Records in December of 2012.

Recorded, mixed, and, and mastered by Michael Briggs in Denton, TX in the summer of 2012.



all rights reserved


Adobe Homes Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Monologue of the Confused Pt. I (New Mexico Riff)
"Last night I got drunk.
Words became actions and the actions were forced.
Sex was a joke and the cliché was near, conversations empty like my heart.
Friendship damaged, morality lost.

I balled my intoxicated eyes out, with no shoulder for my tears to run to.

The cigarettes keep calm and the ride home leaves me sober.
What kind of man am I? I'm not a man at all."
Track Name: Monologue of the Confused Pt. II (Burnt house on Tatooine)
So I ran, comforts to call.
Movements that left me stagnant.

I scan the photos that line my walls.
Images before foolish hopes and smiles still rang truth.
Caught forever, or at least long enough to know that I was there and I was happy.
I would have forgotten the placement of our bodies.

I don't know why my dreams put me back in this house stirring up senseless arguments.
I thought I was gone and I don't see me going back.
I don't want an old home to go back to and I don't wonder what it's like to fly.
And I'm glad I can't.
Track Name: A Wright Winter
"That winter we spent in my car parked in back lots and that wooded path.
Holding tight to the thermos, pouring cup after cup of hot cocoa while the radio played that song from the Sandlot.
Then the phone rang to interrupt what should've been our first kiss.
It was winter so the windshield fogged up letting me draw pictures with my fingers for you.
It's a very different winter now and I'm in a very different place but I hope you're well."
Track Name: There are Cicadas in the trees
"Laying in the grass at Daniel Fernadez park, listening to cicadas chirp. Watching bats catch moths, swinging on swings.
Climbing trees and sharing laughs with my closest friends.

Let's never lose touch!
Let's never lose touch 'cause I'm so scared to lose everyone I've come to cherish..."
Track Name: ¿Quién estará aquí a romper este Piñata?
"When the hell did the sky start looking like this?
Deep purple with an overcast.

Why did the ground begin to feel this way?
No embrace for my knees when they hit it now.

I drank my stomach full again for reasons I don't know.
How does one find themselves here?
No one to hold the rope.
To break this "Piñata."
There's no point to wear this blindfold anymore.

I really want to grab someone's hands and see where they'd
take us...
To see where you would take me."