Split 7" w/ Beau Navire

by Adobe Homes



This is our song from the split 7" with Beau Navire.

This song reflects our feelings towards religious structures such as the church and their teachings. All of us were at once brain washed to fear god. We are no longer bound by those chains.

Please note this is just my feelings toward our personal struggle with religion whilst growing up. No offense to you and your ideals.


released February 1, 2011

Adobe Homes during this record was:
Myles Patches Bailey
David Johnny Maron
Anthony Joseph Martinez
Christopher Joaquin Romero

This record was released with the combined efforts of Texas Toast DIY, Olhar De Vidro, Kyeo Speaks ZIne/Distro, Black With Sap Records, and Radical Friends in February, 2011.

Record, mixed, and mastered by Scott Rivera in the spring of 2010.



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Adobe Homes Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: I don't think I'm glorybound, bound, bound.
"Mother, I'm sorry things changed.
The arguments about ideals and faith.

The church won't push hypocrisy in my ears.
No more half truths, guilt trips, and scare tactics.

This place my heart has led."

*Sample from Princess Mononoke